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Makiel Cepeda joined the team in 2018 and rose to the role of director in 2020. As a marketer, he’s led marking units for U.S. firms and manages stories published on products owned and operated by State of the Territory News.

Makiel Cepeda, director

Our editor-in-chief, Biko McMillian, joined the team in 2019. He manages the Mint Team’s writing quality and stories by freelance writers. He has degrees in biology and Spanish and published Writing on Roots in 2018 and Blue Period a year later.

Biko McMillan, editor-in-chief

The Mint Team, an independent writing team within State of the Territory News, includes Biko McMillian, Makiel Cepeda, Ajeeb Prince, Duryan Cozier, and Amaziah George, the online newspaper’s founding member.

Amaziah is a Marine Corps veteran who served as a communications aide at the Office of the Governor of the U.S. Virgin Islands under the ninth-elected governor. He is the product manager at State of the Territory News and writes for Under the Markets and the Virgin Islands Source.

Amaziah George, product manager

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Our core team of writers and our online newsroom’s management team includes a collection of Virgin Islanders who live in St. Croix, St. John, or St. Thomas and people living abroad and on the United States mainland.

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Bird lover, flower gazer, and U.S. Marine — writing for a better future. President of Spearmint Studios and founder of State of the Territory News.
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